Daily Memory Journal

The other day I was sitting around with Michael and got thinking to myself, "Hey, I dont want to forget any of this". So I started thinking 'hmmm how can I preserve these memories' and I toyed around with a few ideas. I thought maybe I would do a daily vlog but decided that would take up too much time. Then I decided to maybe make a scrapbook and I do plan on doing that, but my next idea was to make a daily journal that I detail my day with Michael in. So I went out and bought this cute little notebook and have been writing in it every night. My plan for the journal is to write an entry every night directed towards Michael in sort of a letter format just talking about what we did that day, and saying whatever it is that I want to tell him, like how much I love him, how proud I am, etc. When Michael is older, when he moves out or when he needs it most I'll give him the journals and he can choose to read them or not. But at least he will have them there if he wants them. I know that I think it would have been neat to get something like this from my parents and when I look at how much my grandmother misses her parents I know that she would have loved something like this to remember them and always have a bit of them with her. So that's that!

Be sure to comment if you plan on making a daily memory journal (or something like it)!

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