10 Days of Labor Induction: Day 7.

Okay today's method is getting a stretch and sweep. For those that don't know, a stretch and sweep is basically where your doctor will stick their finger up your hoo hah and try to stretch out your cervix once it had started dilating. Thats the basic version of things anyways.

Labor Induction: Day Way Seven
Method: Stretch & Sweep.
Difficulty: Its fairly uncomfortable, besides the awkwardness of having someone's cold fingers inside you while you lay on a table avoiding eye contact, there is a lot of pressure and the stretching can get a bit painful.
Results: Discomfort, a few contractions, still getting them but they are VERY spread apart.
Is baby coming: Possibly. Probably not but he's close.
Would you recommend: Yes. Its uncomfortable but has a lot of good results and its the best method outside of sex that I've tried so far. 

Question of the Post: Have you ever had a stretch and sweep? What was your experience with it? Leave your responses in the comment section below and dont forget to vote in the poll in my sidebar before you leave the blog. 

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