Michael's Baby Shower!

Sunday was the day of my baby shower for Michael and it was pretty great. My mom organized the whole thing and kept everything a surprise for me until yesterday. The surprise aspect drove me crazy but I honestly was so pleased by what she threw together for me. The theme she worked with was a woodland theme, so all of the decor was themed around foxes and owls and squirrels and trees and acorns and just a bunch of whimsical goodness. I mean really take a look at the table at the entrance to the party, wasn't it so cute?!

We also got a really cute cake, made by a friend of my mom's! The little fox was really sweet (figuratively and literally) and the mushrooms and flowers were such a cute little touch. We ran into a little problem when cutting the cake because someone had the great idea of taking the top layer off of the cake first which led to it kind of crumbling in half, but hey we just ended up cutting it into pieces and then chewing it into even tinier little pieces anyways, so that doesn't really matter.

We had a lot of other cute food but I don't think we got very many good pictures of it. We had Tim Bits a.k.a donut holes, covered with nutella over half of them and then sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles with a pretzel stick stuck in the top and they looked like little acorns. We had little "mushrooms" made with cherry tomatoes as the top and mozzarella cheese as the stem and they were just stuck together with toothpicks. We had veggie arrangements that looked like flowers. We had chips and dip, and fruit and chili and meatballs and pizza and just a bunch of delicious things. I promise I'll find better pictures of the food, I'm sure someone took good pictures but until then here is a picture of the whole spread we had out for everyone.

We also played some games of course and the prizes were some cute little pedicures in a jar - mason jars with some nail care items like files and clippers and such, nail polish wrapped in a ribbon with a little case for the nail tools. The first game we played we had to match up adult animal names to the names of the baby animals, which does seem pretty basic but honestly how many of you can tell me what a baby ferret or alligator is called? And then we played a game where you are put in front of a bowl filled with rice and safety pins. The object of the game is to get as many safety pins and as little rice as possible into a empty bowl with your eyes closed in a set amount of time. That sounds easy peasy right? NO. You cannot distinguish between the feeling of the rice and the paper clips and it will drive everyone insane. After a few people went my grandma decided to cheat her way through the game and barely sift through the rice, she basically just took handfuls and threw them into the empty bowl and a bunch of others followed suite. Tsk tsk. Needless to say everyone who played FAIR didn't even come close to winning. The last game was a game where there were some bags lined up, each with a letter from Michael's name on it, and you had to guess what was in the bag. Each item started with the letter on the bag and was relevant to a baby. For Michael's name they did the following:

M - Mittens
I - Infant Tylenol
C - Cloths
H - Hats
A - Apple Sauce
E - Eating Utensils
L - Lotion

Apparently they had a hard time thinking up items to put in the bags. I didn't guess a single thing. No wait that isn't true - I jokingly guessed apple sauce. Anyways that's all of the games that got played. 
The last thing we did was gift opening. I got a pretty decent amount of things, far more than I ever expected to get. I'm going to make a separate post shortly showing off everything that I have for Michael but I'll give you a brief list of things I got at the shower. Also have some pictures of gift opening.

Things I got:

  • High Chair
  • Lots of Clothes
  • Crib Bedding Set
  • Lots of Blankets & Crib Sheets
  • Crib Mattress
  • Little Toys
  • Pumping Accessories
  • Baby Carriers
  • Baby Toiletries
  • Pacifiers
  • Diaper Bag
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Probably more stuff that I cant think of off the top of my head.
So yes I'm very very pleased and grateful for everything that I got at that shower. I really wasn't expecting to get so much and the things I got were all so nice, I'm very happy with it all. So I suppose that concludes the baby shower post because there really isn't much more to say. Sorry there aren't better/more pictures but I didn't take any myself and nobody has really posted any even though I was posing for a new picture every 2 seconds. OH before I forget look at the cute things my mom and her friends made for the shower.

The diaper cake had little toys, a pacifier with a little fox clip on it, a bunch of diapers and some receiving blankets and a crib blanket that were all fox themed. It was super cute! and everyone got a little door hanger as they left as a thankyou. 

Question Of The Post: What was your baby shower theme? 

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