10 Days Of Labor Induction: Day Three

Alrighty so yesterday was day 3 of my 10 days of labor induction. I read somewhere that warm baths can help start labor. I had a bath bomb that I wanted to try out and figured I might as well. Honestly I don't know why I listened to whoever wrote that because warm baths have always slowed my contractions not started them.

Labor Induction: Day Three
Method: Warm Bath.
Difficulty: The only difficult aspect of this was getting myself in and out of the bath. Standing up isn't really easy anymore.
Results: It slowed down the contractions I was having all day.
Is baby coming: Not from the bath no. Its actually probably going to take longer because of that.
Would you recommend: No. Just 100% no.

Question of the Post: Have you had success with this method?

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